In Good Company

We partner with the leading cloud service providers, resellers, and system integrators to help organizations of all sizes secure everything they build in the cloud.

Cloud service
provider partners

Wiz works with the leading cloud providers to help their customers remove the most pressing risks in the cloud environments.

Amazon Web Services

Wiz delivers full stack coverage of all your workloads on Amazon Web Services using a 100% API-based approach that deploys in minutes.
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Microsoft Azure

As a Top Tier Microsoft Partner, Wiz rapidly finds the most critical risks and hardens Azure environments against attacks.

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Google Cloud

Build faster and more securely on Google Cloud Platform with Wiz.
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Integrate with Wiz

Integrate with the Wiz platform to deliver complementary solutions with enhanced functionality, offer greater customer benefits, and tap into new business opportunities. Access Wiz Integration Docs for everything you need to develop, test, authenticate and validate an integration.
"Wiz is so powerful that any organization can gain complete full-stack cloud coverage with an accurate and prioritized view of cloud risk in less than a day."
Steve Ward
Chief Information Security Officer