Accelerate M&A, worry-free

Fully understand the risk associated with M&A so it doesn’t become a Pandora’s box for your security and integration teams.

Understand your M&A target’s cloud environment in depth

Acquired organizations’ cloud environments can slow down effective mergers and acquisitions and put your organization at risk. Wiz helps organizations rapidly understand and secure their new cloud environments.

Accurately assess the security of a target organization’s cloud environments

Get rapid visibility into any potential acquisition target’s cloud environment to make more informed decisions.

Integrate and secure new cloud environments faster

Make security an enabler of bringing acquired organizations into the fold faster by rapidly reducing risk through correlating risk factors in the new environment and identifying the most urgent risks that need remediation.

Simply compare clouds and architectures

Normalize views across cloud providers and architectures, so you can make apples-to-apples comparisons with your existing and acquired cloud environments.

“Wiz provided visibility of our subsidiaries within minutes and gave us a lay of the land. It showed us what was going on and what we needed to do.”

Yaron Slutzky | CISO, Agoda

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How Wiz makes M&As more secure

Agentless scanning

Scan your entire target cloud environment with no agents and without disrupting business operations

Compliance and reporting

Ensure your target cloud environment tracks to regulatory and governance requirements with continuous compliance and automated reporting

Asset inventory

See all the technologies and services in your target cloud environment in a queryable inventory

Risk prioritization

Leverage the Wiz Security Graph to identify and explore correlated cloud risks in the target cloud environment across multiple vectors with high-fidelity, actionable context

Projects, integrations, and RBAC

Create clear boundaries for new cloud environments and teams to focus on the areas they own, and route information to the people and teams who need it through seamless integrations 

Breadth of coverage and cross-cloud normalization

Normalize your security view across AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, and Alibaba to easily understand the state of your target cloud environment, no matter the technologies or architectures they use