Migrate to the cloud, safely

Safeguard your cloud migration with a foundation for cloud security that drives operational efficiency.

Scale security alongside your cloud migration

Migrating to the cloud requires a monumental shift in technologies, skills, and processes. Wiz helps organizations secure the cloud, develop strong processes, and upskill their teams.

Create a path for smooth migration

Connect and see the full picture of your cloud environment today and as it changes in the future, no matter what technologies and providers your business chooses.

Build a security foundation that enables innovation

Embed security as a default in your strategy, processes, and culture that enables cloud builders to innovate and adopt technologies without introducing undue risk and poor cloud hygiene.

Effortlessly scale security

Implement security best practices that scale alongside your cloud without additional management overhead and that drive operational efficiency across your security and development teams.

“The confidence we’ve gotten about what’s in our environment and how it’s configured that Wiz provides enables us to report to leadership on what we’re doing in cloud security and why. The cloud went from being our least understood to our most understood space, and that was entirely due to Wiz.”

Greg Poniatowski | Head of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Mars


How Wiz helps companies migrate to the cloud safely

Agentless scanning

Scan your entire cloud environment agentlessly with unified coverage across clouds and compute architectures with a one-time deployment that eliminates manual overhead

Asset inventory

Keep up to date with a full inventory of all the technologies and services in your cloud that automatically scales with your growing environment

Risk prioritization

Correlate cloud risks across multiple risk factors to understand toxic combinations with out-of-the-box cloud controls and remediation guidance

Wiz Security Graph

Visualize your cloud environment and toxic combinations with high-fidelity, actionable context that does not require specialized training

Projects and role-based access

Create clear boundaries for your evolving cloud environment so teams can focus on the areas they own

Compliance and reporting

Continuously monitor and assess your environment to ensure compliance with any framework, and automate reporting to leadership