Ship faster, responsibly

Democratize security with a unified security foundation across the development lifecycle that enables businesses to build faster and more securely.

Scale security through technology and empowerment

Democratizing security can lead to better business agility and a stronger security posture. Wiz helps organizations empower developers to take proactive and preventative security actions.

Empower developers to ship faster and more securely

Give developers the context, ruthless prioritization, and specific remediation guidance they need to fix issues in the resources and projects they own.

Reduce time spent remediating issues

Apply unified security policies across production and the CI/CD pipeline to prevent issues from reaching production in the first place.

Ensure readiness for the latest critical threats

Give your development teams the ability to monitor, identify, and prioritize the next Log4Shell threat to reduce mean time to resolution.

“Pairing engineers who understand the risks with the tools to remediate them is incredibly powerful. There are 10x as many environment owners, developers, and engineers using Wiz than there are security team members at Fox. This helps us to ensure that the products shipped across over thousands of technologists across the company have security baked in, which is beyond the impact that a small and mighty cybersecurity team can have alone.”

Melody Hildebrandt | CISO, Fox

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How Wiz helps organizations to ship faster, responsibly

Agentless scanning

Scan the full stack of your cloud environment in minutes without the need to involve DevOps in installing and maintaining agents

Graph visualization

Provide DevOps a complete view of the technologies and services that belong to their accounts with the Wiz Security Graph

Risk context and prioritization

Give developers ruthless prioritization, full context, and remediation guidance for risks they are responsible for fixing

CI/CD scanning

Scan VMs, VM images, container images, and Infrastructure-as-Code templates to prevent known vulnerabilities from reaching production

Projects and RBAC

Cut the noise out for DevOps teams by creating roles and views for only the environments and resources they own


Integrate seamlessly with the tech stack your developers use, so data and alerts automatically go to the right people at the right time