Immediate visibility

Connect and see the full picture of your new cloud environment.

Prioritized, context-rich risk reduction

See your new environment in context and correlate risk factors to prioritize what  needs immediate attention.

Rapid onboarding, integrations, and remediation

Quickly onboard your new environment into your security policies, processes, and tech stack to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

Rapid onboarding, integrations, and remediation

Quickly onboard your new environment into your security policies, processes, and tech stack to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

“We were impressed that Wiz is not just a point solution that can identify an isolated misconfiguration in a single layer of your cloud environment, but really one that could consolidate information across multiple layers of the cloud environment."

Adam Fletcher
Adam Fletcher
CISO, Blackstone

Take control of your cloud misconfigurations

Wiz connects to your cloud environment and gives you complete visibility and actionable context on your most critical misconfigurations, so your teams can proactively and continuously improve your cloud security posture.

Comprehensive CSPM

Over 1,400 cloud misconfiguration rules, continuous CIS and compliance monitoring over 35 frameworks, IaC scanning, real-time detections, custom OPA-based rules, and auto-remediations.

Reduce alert fatigue using context

Contextualize your misconfigurations using the Wiz Security Graph, which surfaces only the misconfigurations that truly matter.

One policy across cloud and code

Enforce built-in Wiz policies and compliance frameworks across your cloud environments and IaC code, and build your own custom policies and frameworks.

Go beyond CSPM

Extend beyond traditional CSPM to automatically correlate misconfigurations with other critical risk vectors to identify the risks and end-to-end breach paths that matter most.

Effective network and identity exposure

Prioritize network and identity misconfigurations by focusing first on resources Wiz has verified to be exposed using the graph-based network and identity engine.

Attack path analysis

Your teams can easily discover which misconfigurations can lead to lateral movement paths that compromise high-value assets such as admin identities or crown jewel data stores.

Prioritize misconfigurations using context

Using the Wiz Security Graph, you can prioritize misconfigurations using operational, business and cloud context. For example, you can choose to ignore empty VPCs, or resources that are managed by a cloud service.

Automatic posture management and remediation

Empower your developers to deliver faster and more secure applications by enabling them to proactively identify and remediate issues before they reach the cloud.

Built-in rules

Automatically assess over 1,400 configuration rules, unified across runtime (GCP, Azure, AWS, OCI, Alibaba) and IaC (Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure ARM templates).

OPA-based customization

Build custom rules using OPA (Rego) engine, by querying cloud native APIs and the OPA’s Rego querying language.

Real-time detections and remediations

Detect misconfigurations in near real-time and trigger automatic remediation flows.

Address compliance requirements with confidence

Quickly and continuously assess the compliance posture of your cloud environments across industry standards and identify your weak spots at a glance. 

Continuous monitoring

Automatically assess your compliance posture over more than 35 built-in compliance frameworks including CIS Azure/GCP/AWS/OCI/Alibaba, NIST CFS/SP/800-171/800-53, PCI DSS, SOC2, HiTrust and more.

Custom frameworks

Define your own organizational compliance baseline by creating new frameworks or duplicating existing ones and assign any Wiz built-in or custom policies to your custom frameworks


The compliance heatmap is a bird's-eye view that lets you pick out your weak spots across multiple applications and frameworks.